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 What is Faraa Maai?

Faraa Maai is a women-led independent Arab media platform. Faraa Maai is a non-partisan and non-commercial platform that aims to allow journalists, writers, academics, innovators, and activists to contribute positively to the ongoing effort of improving our quality of life, focusing on younger generations. Faraa Maai seeks to reach everyone, starting with Palestinian citizens of Israel to all Arabic speakers around the world.

On February 1, 2021, we aim to deploy our energies to address the pressing issues that concern the public opinion in our Palestinian society at home. That includes the unique challenges that we face as a national minority living in a harsh reality, adding on top of that the exceptional circumstances brought upon us by the Corona pandemic. We bring you outstanding voices and the most trusted sources. Our highest purpose is to contribute to the betterment of our society as well as to bring genuine voices from our society to those interested in it around the world. We hope that our platform will thrive thanks to your trust and support in our hard work.

Why now?

By the end of 2020, with all its exceptional challenges, we saw the importance of a retrospective assessment of the most prominent shifts in public and private space. In that, we include the drastic changes in our behavior; the decline of direct, in-person, social interaction. Virtual interaction swiftly imposed itself as an alternative to our professional, familial, educational, and even recreational communications. This excessive amount of screen time has led to enhanced exposure to a vast amount of information. That increased the risk of exposure to platforms that lack credibility or have simply relied on false news and baseless conspiracy theories to explain what is going on around us. It seems like some platforms were willing to do anything that would increase “clicks” and “genuine visits” while disregarding the danger this false information was posing on our society. Especially with the beginning of the pandemic that has engulfed our lives with uncertainty and turned it upside down.

Faraa Maai was launched on the 1st of February 2021, to promote a discourse that responsibly and positively centers genuine pursuit of solutions rather than taking the easy route of useless criticism. We want to promote hope, rather than succumbing to frustration, even in the darkest hours. We will express our belief in the ability of each and every one of us to create positive change for a better, more inclusive future.


What are our goals?


To create an independent non-partisan and non-commercial Arabic speaking media platform (Independent Arab media is rare and much needed)

To have Arabic speaking opinion-writers, activists, journalists from around World join forces to voice their concerns and reflect their interests and aspirations freely yet responsibly; truthfully yet positively constructive.

To help the moral, progressive, humane voices regain power and heal our moral compass.

To reflect reality, express solidarity while shedding light on hope and optimistic messages of possible change for the best.

Finally, to create a space that highlights inspiring stories in various fields: social, health, economics, science and technology, education, culture, and the arts.

Thank you! If you read this far you must’ve felt our passion and hopefully want to take part in our initiative! To be independent we need to be free of any funding that could impose an agenda on our platform. That is why we are a registered nonprofit. We hope to get the support of passionate individuals, like yourself, who believe in truly independent and free journalism. We want our platform to be accessible to all, without compromising the integrity of our voices. Your support, no matter how big, is dearly cherished. Every contribution matters and will be perceived as a debt to be paid back through the responsible maintenance and development of Faraa Maai.


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