Faraa Maai

is a non-partisan, non-commercial, and women-led independent Arab media platform. It aims to allow opinion-writers, journalists, writers, academics innovators, and activists to contribute positively to the public discourse through producing audiovisual and textual high-quality products on various political, social, and cultural issues. Faraa Maai seeks to reach everyone, starting with our local community - The Palestinian citizens of Israel - to all Arabic speakers around the world in two-folded ways: producing the content as well as interacting with it.

It is noteworthy to mention that independent Arab media is rare, since almost all platforms nowadays are either partisan or commercial, hence a platform like Faraa Maai is much needed in our part of the world.

To be independent we need to be free of any funding that could impose an agenda on our platform. That is why we are a registered nonprofit. We hope to get the support of passionate individuals and organizations, who believe in truly independent and free journalism. We want our platform to be accessible to all, without compromising the integrity of our voices. Any support, no matter how big, is dearly cherished. Every contribution matters and will be perceived as a debt to be paid back through the responsible maintenance and development of Faraa Maai.





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